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Established in 1978, Teleperformance is the global expert in contact center management, creating more value through a better customer experience. Our core business spans the full spectrum of CRM/BPO contact center solutions.

Through relentless innovation, our mission is to extend our leadership by setting the highest standards in how we serve and support our employees, our clients and their customers, our shareholders and the communities where we live. And in so doing, lead the transformation of the contact center industry from a commoditized necessity to one of great strategic value for our clients.

Our Values are the Foundations of our Group

Teleperformance El Salvador commits to meet and exceed its client expectations by providing contact center solutions by delivering superior performance in customer management, while strictly respecting highly ethical and socially responsible values.

Integrity: Transparency, within Teleperformance and between Teleperformanceand our clients, is the main pillar, nurturing long-term relationships based onmutual confidence.

Respect: Humility and open-minds are the drivers of progress.

Professionalism: Consistency of the business process and the implementationof “global best practices” deliver the highest levels of quality of service.

Innovation: Curiosity, information sharing, technology leadershipand investment in the future create a virtuous circle, generating “Teleperformance’scompetitive advantage.”

Commitment: Teleperformance’s management motto is: “Say what youcan achieve, and achieve more than what you said.”

"We succeed through our clients' success"

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Edificio Plaza Olímpica, Av.Olímpica, 1er.Nivel

Tel.: (503)2250-5792/2250-5724/2250-5716


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