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Intel Costa Rica started operations in March of 1998. Located in the heart of the Americas, is the biggest Intel site in Latin America with more than 3200 employees distributed in several corporate activities such as Assembly and Test of High End Microprocessors and Chipsets, Product Development, End Customer Support, Distribution Center and a strong back office and services capability including Finance,Materials, Planning, Information Technology, Software Design Services, Employee Services among others.

Our Vision
Intel Costa Rica….the place to be! for:
-Manufacturing High End Products
-Developing Leading Edge Technology
-Delivering Competitive Global Services
-Delighting Customers
-Maximizing People’s Potential

Because we are the leaders of innovative and competitive platform solutions and services

Build your career at Intel Costa Rica

Challenging opportunities
The nature of the work at Intel is a challenging experience. It provides its employees the opportunity to excel, to accomplish things, and to grow to the limits of our individual potential. Everyday employees have the opportunity to tackle new, exciting and challenging job opportunities. You must have advanced English skills and be interested in continously learning and improving.

Intel is a Great Place to Work!

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